Friday 4 May 2018


Anyway, I wasn't going to blog, I'm meant to be writing something clever about children and violent and aggressive behaviour. If the learned Dr W finds out I've been slacking there'll be hell to pay.

Anyway, its Friday night and I'm sat on a train and my head is trying to shuffle all the thoughts. I bumped into my friend and most excellent blogger @colourcarwen yesterday and she shuffled some for me and noted:

'how are you going to empty your bucket if you don't write a blog, :-P?'

She'd watched my resilience video. Fair point, physician heal thyself!

I've reached critical mass where I can't remember if I've blogged about all the things rattling around my head at some point in the past. I should be less obtuse when I name them. It would also be really helpful if I had an anonymous blog that I could spill all the strands of thought into and leave the slippery little blighters there. @colourcarwen knows I prefer to not actually talk to people.

So, here's a concise, non oppressive or judgemental run down of my mind, unedited and in no particular order.

  • Too much argy bargy on Twitter between people who are talking about different things culturally, historically, ethically, legally, nationally, morally but all under the banner adoption. We are not comparing like for like but we are using the same words and we are arguing about different things. Stop it. 
  • Voices, we need to weigh them. All of them and then see whether they're worth getting het up about. A opinions are valid but, sorry, I don't have to listen to them all. 
  • I'm not sorry
  • Your story is valid, however it may be similar to my story that doesn't let you talk for me. 
  • Kids, blimey.
  • Kids, blimey this is nothing to do with adoption, I'm bored of adoption, its just kids who've had a rough deal giving me a rough deal. (Can I say that?)
  • Oversharing on social media (see above)
  • I wish I had a really anonymous twitter account so I could really say what the hell is going on.(see above).
  • I really need a hobby that doesn't involve being a social worker, talking about social work/adoption, thinking or writing about social work slash/adoption
  • If it was up to me we'd all get access to good support that helps easily without any gip.
  • It's not up to me (see above)
  • Kids, what the hell!
  • I really must write that thing, I wonder if I'm clever enough?
  • Self doubt (see above)
  • Email, wow! I can't believe that was just said to me! I'm going to frame this and laugh one day
  • Is this an overshare?

I feel so much better for getting that off my mind.

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