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Podcast Special - An Interview with Children's Minister Will Quince

Hello and welcome to the Adoption and Fostering Podcast, in this episode and after much time effort and energy arranging it we're pleased to interview the Children's Minister Will Quince. 

We were really pleased to be given an hour with the Minister and we were really hoping to engage in conversation with him in relation to the many questions that we had and the ones so kindly supplied. There was so much we could have chatted about but we tried to stick to topic and on stuff that we thought was applicable. Will was honest and I think we came away with the impression that he was genuine and was interested, bothered and well informed. We were asked to give a broad outline of topics before hand but Will was happy for us to ask anything with no caveats. 

People will make up their own minds and as in all things time will tell as to the decisions that are made and the legacy that is left. 

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