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Episode 185 -An interview with Transnational/racial Adoptee and Sexologist Anna Linde

Hello and welcome to Episode 185 of the Adoption and Fostering Podcast. 

In this episode we interview  transnational/transracial Adoptee and Sexologist Anna Linde.

Anna's research, website and social media can be found below

Free Discovery call and my ”workbase” at Healing Exchange LLC:

Intimacy coaching group for Adult Adoptees:

Instagram here.

Linkedin: here

We took our time getting to the interview so it starts at 36:30

There were quite a few other things on our list to talk about prior to the interview, so some links below - 

You can read the statistics for the Adopters and Special Guardian Fund here.

The Ofsted article is also here

You can watch Gay Adoption Grandad on TikTok here.

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