Saturday 12 May 2018

Fostering & Adoption Podcast - Episode 41 Suddenly Mummy, Scott and Al

This episode is a veritble buffet of adoption and fostering topics, conversation and thought. 
However, we don't miss the opportunity to interigate Becky on her personal life and draw conclusions from the slow down in her blogging output.

We discuss the thorny issue of how much is too much on social media and the challenges of under and oversharing as bloggers, tweeters and facebookers. 

We attemp to review a couple of books and have a brief, but informative, discussion on poetry. 

All You Need Is Love: Celebrating Families of All Shapes and Sizes by Shanni Collins


Life Work with Children Who are Fostered or Adopted by Joy Rees


We then stumble into the much discussed topic of resilience and Al gets a little hot under the collar and then Scott makes a poem up!

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