Friday 28 April 2017


I re read some of my blog posts and thought 'what a moaner', I worry that I mis represent this wonderful adoption thing that everyone seems to be enjoying. I wonder where the happy adoption bloggers are? Unicorns and rainbows, unending joy and Walton's moments.

I recoil at the cute memes and infographics but I'm bored at pointing and shouting about the ugly stuff as well. It seems that it's all I do.

Strewth, I've tried to write happy blogs but sometimes good stuff is less interesting, less funny, less worth writing. As they say 'no news is good news'. If all went with us well would my inspiration dry up and my blog drift off into the internet long grass. Am I just a representative of the 'struggling third', a shouty vocal representative. I could write 10 blogs now on the tricky stuff right now without pausing for breath.
I've had a parents evening and that's not helped my mood. The compassion of most of the teachers crushed beneath the jackboot of one. We've had some cracking teachers, funny how you miss them when they're gone.

'Dear teacher, if you were aiming for uplifting 'firm but fair' pep talk you missed. Shame my child and try and shame me. This was not the time and place to corner me, we will return to this conversation. You can go home from this but I'll pick up the pieces for days to come. Thanks'

So this is the part of my blog where I bring it all together with an uplifting sentence that makes us all think.
Hey ho, better go I can hear shouting.

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