Thursday, 24 November 2016

Child on Parent Violence - Survey

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Child on Parent Violence (CPV) is an issue that many adoptive families have experienced. Twitter ignites at the very mention of CPV as empathy, advice and support are offered and experiences shared. The adoption community is under no illusion about the prevalence and challenges that CPV brings, we are  also under no illusion about the lack of a co ordinated of effective response from services we look to for support.

My worry is that we become an echo chamber and we begin to speak to people outside of our world. So, after chatting this through with a few wiser and more experienced folks here's the plan.

We gather some statistics about the prevalence, challenges and experiences of all families that experience Child on Parent Violence, including carers, birth parents, guardians and adoptive parents.

That evidence is used to access funds to get some academic peer reviewed research completed.

We use that research to lobby government to develop an effective response and guidance that can be used to form the practice of all professionals that parents turn to when they experience Child on Parent Violence. Sounds easy.

So, please complete the survey, it will take you a minute.

Please use the link below to  spread the survey wide to friends families and networks beyond adoption, facebook,  twitter to gather the views of all who are affected .

I'll keep you updated.