Thursday 25 February 2016

Air band

Mrs C was out, the stereo was turned to 11 and we let rip.

'Iron Man' by Black Sabbath was our show opener, the band was unfamiliar with the Randy Rhodes version but managed to keep up. We hit the audience hard and fast,  Flossy's drum solo in Ozzy Osbourne's 'Steal away the night' was a masterclass in showmanship and technique, her wooden spoons were a blur.

Peanut's emotional breakdown was totally understandable, I mean who wants to play keyboards in a rock band. I'd always thought that dancer/shouter was a much under valued role in any band and she was more than able to fill those shoes.

Lotty gave a sublime rendition of 'Eruption' by Eddie Van Halen, her fretboard gymnastics surpassed her earlier daredevil indoor skipping that had warmed the audience up pre gig.
Peanut managed to locate the keyboard guitar thing as I played the opening chords to Van Halen's 'Jump' on air keyboard, not my instrument of choice I hasten to add.

I nailed it,  the crowd new it and retreated to the garden where it had buried a bone, inside musicians and instruments in perfect synchronisation reached a crescendo. Flossy and Lottie, in a rare joint venture,  finished of with a crowd, but not dad, pleasing duet of Karma Chameleon by Culture Club. I reluctantly joined in on air harmonica. Peanut danced.

We didn't fall out or fight or call each other names. We laughed at each other, danced, shouted, jumped up and down, showed off and made fools of ourselves.

We all went to bed happy.


  1. Love this Mr C.....Two of the greatest skills for any parent or foster carer is the ability to laugh, be laughed at and have senseless random fun......offers great distraction in life, some healing and a lot of honesty. Thanks for sharing this it really made me smile.

    1. Making you smile is all I ever aim for.
      As always thanks for commenting you know it strengthens my fragile sense of self worth.

  2. How lovely! Looking forward to finishing introductions with our brand new 5 year old, so we can get on with life. And a little crazy singing, I hope!

    1. What exciting days you must be having. I'm sure that you'll have many fun filled exciting days ahead.