Saturday 18 February 2017

Blogs of Adoptive Dads Linky No.1 #BADlinky

There are lots of adoptive dads out there so I thought I'd host a link up to pull us all together in one place.

So, welcome to the first Blogs for Adoptive Dad linky the...................#BADlinky

Serious, funny, sad, tragic, poignant whatever, if you're a dad and you've adopted or fostered, thinking of adopting or in the process of adopting then add your post to the #BADlinky through the button below.  Don't mind if they're old or new. Look at the others and leave a nice comment and we'll all be happy.

In fact I don't really mind if your a mum who does 'dad' things or a mum who has thoughts on dads all are welcome.

It will be open til midnight on Monday as this is the first one then 5pm Friday to midnight Sunday's.
I'll tweet them out and we'll have some fun!


  1. So cool Al......looking forward to your posts and connecting with other guys that care!!

  2. A great idea! Thanks for setting this up.

    1. I think I stole the idea, thank you for adding!