Friday 17 February 2017

5 more minutes

I want five more minutes of your time.

I want you to ask you complete the following survey on Continual Professional Development for child and family Social Workers in relation to Permenance (Adoption, Long term Fostering, SGOs, kinship care and children who return home). Its looking to gather the views of families touched by the above. It doesn't ask all the questions I'd ask and some of the questions seem a little off point. However, there's some stuff that's relevant for many. 

I don't work for Mott MacDonald or have any vested interest but it is in my interests as an adoptive dad to fill this in

Every day I see comments on Twitter and Facebook that reflect on the skills of Social Workers, not all good and not all bad. I know where the gaps are and you don't have to look far in my blog to see where I've highlighted them.
I still wake in the night screaming with astonishment at the day we taught our support SW attachment theory. That was a long time ago.

We adopters often have to raise our voices and I'm asking you to give five more minutes. I can't promise the outcome but it's worth a try. If we can move the conversation 1% in the right direction then that's worth it. 

The survey is here

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