Monday 16 January 2017

Child on Parent Violence Survey 2016 - First Impressions

Here we have the initial response to the findings of the Child on Parent Violence Survey that I posted at the end of last year.

Dr Wendy Thorley has pulled together the findings and written the First Impressions that can be downloaded here

Thanks to everyone that responded and though I wasn't surprised that lots of people completed the survey I was surprised by some of the findings. I'd advise that you read the First Impressions paper as that outlines the clear themes that emerged. The survey was completed predominantly by adopters and as such reflects their experience but it has relevance beyond that.

I was surprised at the number of responses that highlighted the younger age than is often acknowledged in other studies. I thought it was just our family, or just a coincidence with families that I knew. The survey indicates otherwise for adoptive families. With Selwyn noting in Beyond the Adoption Order that Child on Parent Violence was a major feature in disruptions and the 30% of families that are struggling the scale and impact is clear for all adopters. The data raises questions of ethical recruitment and preparation for adopters as they embark on their adoption journeys. 

The impact of Child on Parent Violence is significant, no surprise, but to see the responses in black and white is heart rending.

Another feature was the inconsistency of response and limited effectiveness of support, no surprise but sobering to think of families struggling. It's been said before but the Survey highlights the need for professional awareness to be raised for all practitioners that are in contact with adopters, foster carer, guardians, kinship carers and guardians.

There's more data to sift through on the survey and it is not without it's floors, I'm the first to acknowledge that I'm out of my comfort zone. But, there's more to unravel that will hopefully validate the experiences of potentially up to a third of adoptive families and inform practitioners. 

From here we keep going, I'm sharing the information and hoping to develop more areas of the survey to consider the response of professionals, impact on siblings and awareness. 

So thank you, please read and share 
This is a good start.


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    1. That's the big question. We are hoping to create a narrative and raise knowledge, awareness and guidance for professionals that will be a start. Workforce development is a hot potato at the moment in social care so there might be a window of opportunity.

  2. I am so glad you are bringing awareness to this issue! Folks need to sit up and take notice and start helping us with the solutions! I appreciate you!

    1. Thank you for commenting, it an issue that so many parents and carers manage and live through. We hope to develop this into some research that will be of practical use to them and the services that support them.

  3. I'd like to start by saying a huge THANK YOU. My wife and I are only at the start of our adoption journey, currently only stage 1. But your blogs and podcasts have been a fantastic insight into what we should expect. They have also led us to topics like this that we may never have known about until we where in the thick of it. I tried to get to Dr Wendy Thorley findings document but it appears that the document has been moved, any chance of fixing it?


    1. Hi, I've hopefully sorted the links out now.
      Thank you for your comments, I'm trying to reflect the reality of adoption, good and bad. My real hope is that people will be able to make informed decision and then be equipped to walk this path. I do wish you fair weather as you set along this path.