Friday 23 May 2014

Let's have a Party

Tomorrow we're having a party and it has been a long time coming.

A little back story.

In the Summer of 2011 we found out through birth family members that birth mum was pregnant.

Circumstances had not changed and we all knew that in all probability that the baby would come into care and be placed for adoption.

We strongly felt she should come to us to be with her two big sisters.

We spoke to Social Workers, we spoke to the head of service and they all agreed off the record that the likelihood was that she would be placed for adoption and that it made sense for her to join us.

Call it risk averse, call it appropriate caution but we would not be allowed to foster to adopt. We could officially be told nothing as we where not related and it was confidential.

A wise friend said "don't make this a crusade" so we stepped back.

So, we waited and tried to pretended that we didn't know what was happening.

Through family members we saw the photos and the videos and waited silently.

She learnt to crawl and we saw the video.

We waited

She learns to speak words.

Still we waited and watched milestones pass.

A year after she was born the plan was finalised and we were formally asked to express interest.
So we did.

We tell Flossy and Lotty, they can't wait.

We started our fourth PAR assessment and tried not to be complacent. This was a very familiar process with an adoption panel member and a student social worker ex panel member being assessed.  I felt mild pity for our Social Worker.

We waited for the court date to free Peanut for adoption.......and waited.
It comes.

The pictures continued to come through and she's walking.

We would be approved and matched at the same panel............we waited for the day.

The day came and we were passed............we waited for the ADM to decide and he did.

We waited for the introductions.

Then we stopped waiting and we met the little girl that had been ours long before this moment.

Two years after being told that she existed she walked and talked into our lives, a joy and a gift.

Tomorrow we're gathering friends and family and coming together to celebrate and to ask for God's blessing over her life.

We'll thank God for her and we'll thank friends and family for waiting with us.


  1. Glad it worked out well for you all. Enjoy the party!

    1. Thank you.
      The end never felt in doubt but it was nice to arrive.

  2. That is so very great. Praying I every blessing on you all on your very special day!!!

  3. Thank you.
    We accept all offered prayers gratefully.

  4. O Happy Day! How blessed is the man whose quiver is full of children :-)

    1. O happy day indeed. If this is the route to happiness then I must have a travel card.