Monday 1 July 2024

I've been awarded a Churchill Fellowship!

So, what on earth does that mean? 

For several years I’ve bumped into ‘Churchill Fellows’ in different places here and there and the short answer is that the Fellowship is:        

“to connect to leading experts internationally in a fellow’s field of interest, to gain insights and knowledge and to then use that to drive positive change in the UK.”


Simple, or so it seems!?


Born from my families experience and all of the learning, studying, research etc. I’m quite comfortable with the notion that helping families/parents/carers to support and manage their children’s challenging, violent and aggressive behaviour is my ‘field of interest’. 


So, the plan is simple I am going to research support and interventions offered to adoptive, kinship and foster families that are supporting children with challenging behaviour.


Many Fellows physically take off around the world and the Fellowship encourages and funds that but I thought long and hard and decided that as much as I’d like to travel making connections and gathering information would be best served by me doing that online. Of course, my family are disappointed but it feels like the right choice given the nature of the subject and the way families are supported. 


I have to produce a report and share what I find in the spring/summer of 2025 and I’ve some creative ideas as to how that could be done and once they are firmed up I’ll let you know. 


The Churchill Fellowship has provided me with a grant so that will help me in terms of time as well as to get the message out. 


Watch this space! If you know of experts/professionals/organisations supporting families (adoptive, kinship, fostering) across the world then please do email me at

As always, many thanks to all the grown ups in my life that pushed me, picked me up, pointed me in the right direction and pushed me again. You know who you are.

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