Thursday 19 March 2015

Sunny day

I'm the kind of person who on days when the sun is shining finds it impossible to believe that it will ever rain again.

Either a chronic optimist or plain stupid, it's a fine line that I've walked all my life.

Anyway, on Mrs C's computer desktop is a picture of Peanut, Lotty and Flossy.
They're wearing the most joy filled smiles that you could ever wish to see, not posed or staged, just a frozen moment of care free abandonment and happiness.

I look at it and I wonder what the fuss is about, I'm just making this all up, fancy airy fairy blogs spouting off about about how 'hard' it is caring for hurt children.

Some days we get up and go to bed and everything in between is pretty good and I start to imagine that I've woken up from a dream.

When I see the joy of a goal scored or save made, if I hear the carefree singing from the bathroom I wonder if I we made it, we've stepped out of the shadows in to the sunlight never to return.

When I see the twinkle in her eye that could light the darkest heart I can't but think it's all going to be ok.

Maybe it's a dream of a different 'normal' life that we stretch out to touch and believe that we can.
Maybe I'm naive or just plain stupid, but without hope the heart grows sick.
I know those little captured moments keep the flames of hope alive and I know that a grain of hope can absorb an ocean of doubt and fear.


  1. Love it. We are sitting in the middle of a bright sunny spot at the moment too. Life is really good we should lie back and enjoy it. Xx

  2. Life is such a fluid thing, thank goodness.

    1. I'll say, that explains why I feel so wet.

  3. Oh yay. Love those moments. They nourish us through the not so sunny times and without them, I am sure we would have given up long ago.

  4. I feel exactly the same when the sun is out,I easily forget how cold it can be. Love the idea "that a grain of hope can absorb an ocean of doubt and fear." Thanks for sharing on #WASO

  5. Great post - I think it is these moments that keep us going. Today I managed not to shout once, don't even think I told any of them off and even managed to walk away calmly when my girls wouldn't answer my simple questions. It's these days when I think I can do it! Let's hope it doesn't rain tomorrow! :)