Why I Blog

I started a blog out of an insecure need for people to listen to me. It seems to make me feel better so I’m running with it.

Throughout my life I’ve been burdened with an array opinions that don’t necessarily correlate to the truth, what is right or common sense. That’s why blogging suits me, I can spill them onto the internet and so far no one seems too upset. These are my views and as such that’s all they are, if I upset you then I’m sorry, if my facts are wrong correct me, if my words offend then please shout out and if I can I’ll fix them.

I’m not pretending to be the voice of a Social Worker but in truth that is a part of my voice so you might hear it come through.

I try to protect the innocent and the not so innocent, so I reserve the right to play with the facts, the names, dates, places and whatnot to throw you off the scent. However, if you do get a whiff of names dates and whatnot then don’t fret because I’m pretty sure it’s all going to be ok.
Oh, please feel free to comment, it makes it all much more fun.