This is not about leave or remain or in or out any longer, it appears that we've descended into a madness where the vile and offensive imagery and ideas are commonplace to score political points or win popularist arguments. Both sides appear to not let the truth get in the way of their arguments.
So I'm sick to my stomach with it all and as I watched the news this morning I saw a woman had lost her life, the full details of why are yet to come out but they are set against this ugly political backdrop and 'feel' related. 
This morning  I'm worried because I see politicians blame the woes of the white majority on a vulnerable minority, the outsiders, those that are not like 'us'. I'm worried because I know my history and I know when that problem is 'fixed' the so called politicians will move onto the next minority a group that can't defend themselves. I'm worried for my mixed heritage daughters, my beautiful girls that have travelled a rocky road through the care system to my home and are clearly 'different'. How long before they get to my beautiful girls, the ex looked after black girls? How long before they are the drain on society the scum or the swarm taking services from 'hard working British families'. How long before they're the problem. 
Perhaps I'm overreacting and six months ago I'd have though it impossible that I'd countenance the idea that my children were at risk but this morning watching the news I really thought that it was possible that maybe we are as a nation and individuals believing this vile, de humanising shit that is being peddled and spoon fed to us all. 
All politicians talk of making Britain great again, frankly today I could care less.


  1. I share some of your anxieties. The death you refer to sickened me ... and the attitudes that have come through the last few weeks have scared me. It's this rather than the outcome per se that has me worried. What type of place will future Britain be for my child who, like your daughters, has mixed heritage?!

    1. Having given it a lot of thought and consideration I feel better but have resolved to work harder to make the world a better place. Or at least my little corner a little better.