All about me

I am Al, a dad, who through a series of decisions and choices allied to circumstances and opportunities is the father to six children, all adopted.

Mrs C and I were married in ’96 after a whirlwind romance, so one add one became a new two. Actually, Mrs C and Queenie had been a team for a while so really it was one add two became a whole new three.

The big three, Sarah, Gracie and Ginger arrived like an explosion into our lives in ’99. Three add three became a whole new six and life was dandy. So dandy that we six thought we’d foster. Flossy and Lotty came to a stay for a little while in ’06 and that turned into forever but not without a fight and a tussle. Two added to six and we became a very different eight. Things got a bit sticky then and we were on the ropes for a while so I gave up going out to work and stayed at home and worked at being a dad. I found a bit of time and played at being an adoption panel member for a bit then thought I’d go the whole hog and train to be a Social Worker.
In ’11 Peanut, Flossy and Lotty’s little sis arrived into the world so after a bit of a story and a lot of a wait one joined eight and we became a whole new nine in ‘13. That was the year that I qualified as a Social Worker and I support families who foster children.

I try to speak for adopters in different places in relation to the support that we'd like and testify to the challenges of caring for children who've seen a rough side of life. I write a blog, co host a podcast and have more opinions than I ought that I share. 

We read like a tick box of how to and how not to adopt, but together we are a family, a bit wonky, a bit spiky but we feel normal because it’s all we’ve ever known.

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