Saturday, 23 May 2020

The A&F Podcast - Episode 92: Adoption in Lockdown

This week we speak to a couple J&D about their experience of going through the application process whilst in C19 Lockdown. They share how they've found the different stages and components are played out in this new environment and some of the unique perspectives they've had. Another adopter, Tom, also shares his experience of Lockdown. With a child moving in a few weeks before the world closed unique opportunities as well as challenges have been faced and Tom describes some of these here. 

The impact of the changes and the comparison to earlier adoption processes and experiences is discussed. To be honest we've a lot to say about it all and acknowledge that it was a long time ago and we reflect on the process, the shifting power dynamics between applicants and social workers and the impact of the new regulations on the welfare of children and adults alike. We also consider the ASF C19 scheme and the support that existing families receive, or don't. 

Inevitably we're then drawn into the long grass, well you know how it is. Also, next week we're having a live stream podcast so watch out for that! 

We hope you enjoy and as always your views and thoughts are appreciated, you can contact the podcast through the usual routes and if you'd like to find out a little more the Adoption & Fostering Podcast's Facebook page is here, or our twitter feed here.

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