Saturday, 9 May 2020

The A&F Podcast Ep 90 - An interview with Sue Armstrong Brown, CEO of Adoption UK

This week we speak to Sue Armstrong Brown the CEO of Adoption UK, we invited questions through social media so put them to her as well as following other lines of questioning. We discussed a whole host of issues including; adopted children returning to education, the challenges faced by self employed adopters, children returning to care, the difficulties of lockdown generally, moving support online and the lobbying priorities that AUK are looking to focus on through this time and beyond.
Of course, there's banter, a timing bell and it's all good humoured. We see that many charities are facing huge challenges at the moment and on another day at another time we'd have perhaps 'held feet to the fire' as it were, that not for these times.

We hope you enjoy and as always your views and thoughts are appreciated, you can contact the podcast through the usual routes and if you'd like to find out a little more the Adoption & Fostering Podcast's Facebook page is here, or our twitter feed here.
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