Saturday, 21 March 2020

The A&F Podcast Episode 83 - An interview with Special Guardians and Adopters Together

In this episode of the adoption and fostering podcast we speak to Sylvia Schroer who is the chair of the Special Guardians and Adopters Together (SGandT) campaigning organisation.
 We consider some of the issues that the organization campaign about specifically and discussed the challenges that's many families face as they try to access support in difficult situations as well as the accusations that can often be levelled at parents and carers. We also discuss the difficulty in raising the issues, lack of accurate data and the changing nature of adoption and kinship care/special guardianship.

You can go to their SGandT's website here and see some of the research that Sylvia mentions in the interview.
Scott and I keep the banter down to the bear minimum, though we do get drawn onto the rocks of name calling on twitter and if you listen to the very very end there may be a child hygiene related retching incident.

We recorded earlier in the week so all the latest Corvid-19 developments aren't commented on.
Stay well y'all.

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