Saturday, 28 March 2020

The A&F Podcast Ep84 - All things lockdown and interview Rosie the Adoption Social Worker

With chaos and uncertainty abounding the normal grasp on reality and all things normal has well and truly slipped out of the back door and left us all adrift. So, to add our full peneth to the mix we've cast aside the scheduled podcasts on all things tricky and refocused ourselves on the lived reality now.

To that end Al has chatted to Rosie the Adoption Social Worker, she shares her views and thoughts on the challenges that the current situation has thrown up for adoptive families and the SWer no less. This is part one with Rosie as we also talk about her day job supporting adoptive adults connect with their birth families and walking through that process with them.

Scott and Al also unpack some of the challenges thrown up this week indulge in some distracting banter as well as discuss Scott's crocodile hands and Al's selfish hoarding tendencies.

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