Saturday, 21 December 2019

The A&F Podcast Xmas Special - Becky, Scott & Al + a very special guest

Welcome to what is a rather underwhelming fourth Chrismas podcast. Undewhelming because we only mention the festive season in passing and get drawn into the long grass with Becky (AKA Suddenly Mummy).

We discuss the rise and fall of adoption blogs, Becky's decision to kill off Suddenly Mummy and the trials and tribulations of social media. Al kills of the Christmas spirit well and truly by losing his cool and using a grown up word when we stray onto the subject of online bullying, academic research and we hypothesis about an imaginary intern at the DfE (#Justin).
All that said Becky has written a book, The Trauma and Attachment Aware Classroom, and we have a good old chat about that and you can buy that here. We can unreservedly recommend it for all parents with children at school.

We do manage to muddle through the Christmas competition and finally we do have an alternative Christmas message from a rather smashing contributor and friend of the show.
We wish you all a smashing and peaceful Christmas and a cracking new year. Many thanks for listening.

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