Saturday, 7 December 2019

Adoption & Fostering Podcast Special: AUK Scotland: Thinking Differently About Adoption Conf.

In this episode we join Adoption UK Scotland for their Education Conference 2019: Thinking Differently About Education. We start the day speaking to Fiona Aitken, head of Adoption UK Scotland and she kindly sets the scene for the day and what was hoped. Please note that the leaf blowers were going rogue in the car park and that does impact on the audio at some points during this interview. We also struggled to find quiet spots as it was recorded on the hoof, so there's a few blips. 

Then we cornered Simon Cawthorne Communities coordinator about some of the specific challenges in relation to some of the challenges that adopted children face in high school and the noted difference from primary. Simon also chats about children’s voices, then Al can’t keep quiet when outdoor play is mentioned and we discuss the workshops run on the day by the Smart Play Network. We discuss the benefits of risk taking and generally being outdoors in relation to children’s broader education and life skills.
We then managed to track down Maree Todd the Scottish Minister for Children & Young People, it was a very busy room so please bear with the audio.
Nikki Murray headteacher at Burnside Primary in Carnoustie and conference chair then joined us to share his perspective, he’s keen to see parents take agency with issues around resources in school and shared some of  his views on , regulation, repair, time and space placing children at the centre.  
After many years of trying and some coercion on our part we talked to Louise Bomber and she offer some excellent and inspiring insight as well as an exclusive announcement in relation to her new book.
It was an excellent day and we’d like to thank the kind hosts for our dinner.

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