Monday, 14 October 2019

The A&F Podcast Episode 73 - An interview with Karen Bartholomew

In this episode we speak to playwright Karen Bartholomew in relation to her production 'Giving up Marty' a play that considers the reality of adoption reunion from a range of perspectives. Karen is adopted herself but this isn't her story but she hopes to offer an antidote to the fictionalised and sanitised TV versions of reunion that the adoption community often object to. We chat about that and the impact that the earlier test previews of the production as well as her hope to raise funds for a wider production run that would give more people the opportunity to see the play.

Scott and Al discuss Adoption Week and the usual challenges as well as Scott's temporary retirement from the head world of adoption.

Please check out Karen's Crowdfunding page can be found here and giving opens on the 14th October. Also, follow Karen on Twitter here and have a look at the trailer/teaser for the play.

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