Saturday, 5 October 2019

The A&F Podcast Episode 72 - Helen Bonnick talks Child to parent Violence and Aggression

In this episode we talk to Helen Bonnick in relation to Child to Parent Violence and Aggression and her book here

We chat across the topic and cover a broad range of issues including definitions, underlying causes and how practitioners from different services perceive the phenomenon. We also consider some of the interventions and look at one think that can really help.

Helen has a fantastic website 'Holes in the Wall' where you can access a broad range of resources.
I must offer an apology, there's a few audio blips and the final ten seconds the signal went haywire. It certainly isn't prohibitive so hang in there.
As always, thanks for listening and if you get a change a cheeky review wherever you get this podcast would be appreciated.

As promised in the podcast, here's the front cover.

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