Saturday, 14 September 2019

The A&F Podcast Adoptee Conversations - Dawn H

In this episode we speak to Dawn H a 25 year old UK adoptee. As a blogger she has written come moving and insightful posts on her blog here.

In this conversation Dawn shares her story and some of the challenges that she's experienced. She also shares insights as to the impact of adoption in different aspects of her life including dating and she discusses holding the tensions of two sets of parents, growing up with the biological children of her adoptive parents and wider views on adoption.
As always, there are some challenging issues so be mindful of this as you decide if it's ok to listen too what is an insightful conversation.

We hope you find it interesting and if you’re an adoptee and would like to share your perspective or experience then please do direct message us at our twitter feed here or on our facebook page here.

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