Saturday, 10 August 2019

The A&F Podcast Episode 68 - An Interview with Andrew Christie

In this episode Al has an interview with Andrew Christie the Chair of the Adoption & Special Guardian Leadership Board.

We ask some listener's questions in relation to the measuring of the number of children returning to care from adoptive homes, international concerns, social worker retention, RAAs and more. He also considers collating data on children returning to care from adoptive homes and also transracial adoption placements, with the UK having no data on either of theses issues currently.  During the interview Andrew explains his hopes for involvement of UK adoptees in consulting and contributing to the Leadership Board's work.

To that end here is the email address that he's provided for those that would be interested in participating in that speciific consultation to let the board know through the email address below.

As always there's a little infobanter from them lads and Scott becomes quite animated.

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