Saturday, 27 July 2019

The A&F Podcast Episode 67 - An interview with Cat McGill

In this episode of the podcast Al speaks to adopter, musician and author of 'Me, the Boy, and The Monster: Exploring the psychology of adoption and trauma' as well as an upcoming book to accompany her CD and national tour. You can access Cat's website here for all the information on the August tour dates. Cat discussed the science behind the benefits of music as well as some of her own experiences as a parent and with working with children with special needs. 

As always, there's also #infobanter and chatter from Scott and Al, with the added excitement of a small person breaking into the podcast.

We've added a snippet of one of Cat's songs as an outro, so I do hope you enjoy.
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Saturday, 20 July 2019

The A&F Podcast - Adopter Stories - #17 Devin

In this episode of #AdopterStories Devin shares his journey with his husband through early permanence. It's a challenging story, and may be upsetting for some so listen with caution.

Devin describes the complexity of an unsuccessful plan for them but positive outcome for a child, the aftermath on the couple and their journey onto trying again.
There is a little audio judder in the middle, it's brief so be brave and push through.

As always if you've a story you want to share either anonymously or not then please do get in touch to have a chat about it.

Friday, 19 July 2019

Adoption and Fostering Podcast - Adoption Stories - Graham / Pam

In an unexpected twist of scheduling we've dropped a little podcast treat to set you up for the summer holidays!
In the first Graham, an adoptee, talks about his discovery of being adopted and his journey to try and find answers to his questions.
We then talk to Pam, a birth mother, who shares her story of losing her child to adoption and her subsequent experiences and road to reunion.

Both stories are challenging and contain accounts of difficult and upsetting experiences. As always, listener caution is advised as the subject matter may be upsetting.

If you've a story you'd like to share then please get in touch with us through the Facebook page hereor the Twitter Feed here.

Saturday, 13 July 2019

Adoption & Fostering Podcast: Episode 66 - Suddenly Mummy, Schools & More.......

In this episode we speak to Becky, AKA Suddenly Mummy, in relation to DfE school developments. Specifically we discuss the role of the Virtual School Head but get caught into a raft of other issues such as pressure on school, exclusion and more.

Becky is a friend of the show and we spiral into some healthy infobanter and get the low down on her new life of leisure as a married woman as well as the book that she's written to name a few of the issues touched on.

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Saturday, 6 July 2019

The A&F Podcast: Adoptee Conversations - Dan

In this episode of adopter stories we speak to Dan, he shares his story of adoption within his own family and the complexity of that arrangement. Dan is also very open in relation to his views on adoption as well as his personal challenges with mental ill health.

I’m sure you’ll  find it interesting and if you’re an adoptee and would like to share your perspective or experience then please do direct message us at our twitter feed or on our facebook page.