Saturday, 6 April 2019

A&F Podcast - Adoption matters: Navigating Adoption Support Conference March '19

On the 29th March Al was invited to speak at the Adoption Matters Conference with Hettie Verhagen. In a spirit of cheekiness Al took his tape recorder and a bag full of C90s and headed off. 

There was a raft of interesting speakers that managed to allude Al, however a few were cornered and Hettie Verhagen shares some excellent views on supporting families who live with violence and aggression. John Simmonds CBE was found in a sunny garden and spoke of collaboration and human ventures. Sir Mark Hedley, Patron of Adoption Matters, adoptive parent and retired high court Judge shares some views on the legal aspects of adoption. 
You can hear that we were at a conference, background noise  etc. and Sir John Timpson crashes one of the interviews. There’s traffic and train noises galore. 
We hope you enjoy and as we visit different places we’ll try and do some more. 

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