Saturday, 12 January 2019

Episode 54 - Autism and Fostered and Adopted Children

Before Christmas we had the opportunity to speak to Dr Helen Rodwell and Dr Katie Hunt about a book that they'd just released on Autism and specifically the challenges that presents to children that are fostered or adopted. (The book can be bought here). It was an interesting chat that clarified some stuff and we considered some of the more challenging issues that parents and carers may experience in caring for the children.

We also discussed the nuances of autism, diagnosis and formulations. The clocks chimed and it was a good natured discussion recorded on the evening of the commons no confidence vote in December. There's a little internet trouble but it's very brief so don't fret.
As always, Scott and I engage in light banter as we top and tail the interview and we've been given a book to give away, actually its the second we were given (long story) so there's a very hard competition to win it. In a bizarre turn of events Alexa starts to join in the podcast.
As always thanks for listening and if you're feeling benevolent or bored please head over to iTunes and leave a little review here .

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