Saturday, 13 October 2018

The A&F Podcast Episode 50 - Childhood Challenging, Violent & Aggressive Behaviour (AKA CPV)

This week we're celebrating two years of podcasting, however there was no cake. We decided take a bit of time to unpack some of the developing knowledge in relation to  Childhood Challenging, Violent and Aggressive Behaviour (CCVAB) otherwise known as Child on Parent Violence (CPV). There's a mini interview with Social Worker and CPV campaigner Helen Bonnick who has been raising awareness of the issue over the last decade. See her website for excellent resources Holes in the Wall.

We don't get time to discuss the full #CPV2018 survey report but manage to discuss some of the key features such as the significance in the change from CPV to CCVAB, definition, underlying causes, sibling violence and strategies for supporting. You can read a summary of the survey here or but the full report here.

As the discussion progresses we get onto World Mental Health Day, National Adoption Week and banter. 

Again, thanks for listening, sharing and downloading. If you're inclined a wee review on iTunes is always welcome. 

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