Saturday, 9 June 2018

Adoption & Fostering Podcast - Episode 42 Adoption Contact, An Interview Dr Beth Neil

Contact is an issue that raises passions, worries, hopes and concerns for children, adopters and first families in equal measure. So, with that in mind we speak to Prof Beth Neil who has studied contact in adoption for over 20 years and is able to offer insight into an issue that never fails to pique the interest of all people touched by adoption. 

We put specific questions to Beth that were sent to podcast towers as well as expanding on issues that are often raised on social media.We discuss the potential positive and negative impacts on children, the barriers to positive contact, the challenges and myths of letterbox contact, social care resistance to contact and more. The nature of the subject means that there was much more that could have been discussed and Dr Beth has a wealth of knwoledge on the issue. 
Midway through we experienced a few minor technical stammers but these are overcome so tough it out. 
Links to Dr Beth's research can be found here as well as a range of resources on the Reseach in Practice webpage here

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