Friday, 16 February 2018

Adoption & Fostering Podcast - Episode 35 an interview with Carrie Grant

With much giddy excitement we finally present an interview with Carry Grant. She is a singer, singing coach and TV presenter amongst many other things as well as experience of parenting children with aditional needs as well as being an adopter. 

The conversation covers all aspects of adoptive parenting and reflects on the challenges that many families face. Carrie discussed why she decided to adopt and their experience of the process of preparation, approval and being matched with a child. As a family they have experienced a range of challenges and Carrie is open and honest about their struggles with child to parent violence and the help that NVR (Non Violent Resistance) has been to them. During the interview we discuss Carrie's experience of accessing adoption support and the needs of parents who look for support in dire circumstances. Amongst a range of subjects we discuss self care and most adopter's time old favourite of support in school and the challenges that many face in education.

As always there's a little light banter from Scott and I and we ask a few questions that people had given to us through our Facebook page and Twitter feed.

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