Sunday, 21 January 2018

Episode 33- An interview with adoptee Shona White

After a mini January relaps/break we've hit 2018 with vim and vigour. As ever there's usual banter with Al & Scott, with a look at the New Year and the podcast for 2018. We cover some topical stuff and with relentlessness and unwavering mockery Scott turns on Al (the highly recognised and praised adopter and MBE holder), ha ha ha ha. We do touch on plans for guests for the year, briefly on the Children's Minster, though the full details hadn't really come out, and the Child on Parent Violence and Aggression Survey 2018.

We also speak to adoptee Shona White an Ambassador for Adoption Uk. Shona is a long time friend of Scott and trained at The Royal Academy of Music in London at which she is now an Associate Artist. She has had a long successful career in London's West end having starred in a range of musicals including Mama Mia! West Side Story, Chess, the Rocky Horror Picture Show and Les Miserables and the first patron of the West End’s Playhouse Theatre.
Shona was adopted in the 70's, we explored some of her perspectives on adoption and she talk candidly in relation to some of her adult experiences as an adoptee. 

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