Thursday, 5 November 2015


In the interests of balance I asked Flossy, age 11, some similar questions to those asked of Lotty, she felt able to write the following, all her own views and perceptions. 
I'm resisting the temptation to clarify, contextualise and correct. Her words her way.

Do you think adoptive parents should tell their children about their lives before they came to live with them?

Yes I do because I think it is important for them to know about there past and not take their birth parents example so yeah it is important for me to know about my past and I think it is important for other children to.

How old should they be before they tell them?

Well well that’s a hard one I think they should be about 8 9 10 ish because I think it is important for them to know at an early age so they can think about their future.

Are there things that they could know when they are younger?

Yes like their birth familys name  what they were like stuff like that.

 Are there things that they shouldn’t tell them?

Well, I think there are certain things that they shouldnt tell them like crinimal offences till their about 10 or 11 because I think they should know at a later age so they can think about their future and they are mature enough to take it in the right way.

Do you remember being told about your life before you moved to mam and dad’s house.

No. I don’t but I would have liked to know. But when I was about 9 mam and dad sat me and Lotty down and told us that we were ready to hear about our past so we were given a book,a life story book, it had all sorts of thing in it had picture of my birth mam in and her age and all that what I was like when I was little what im good at what I like etc.
So I think it is important for a child to be given something to remember their family by.

Do you think that you’ll want to know more as you get older?

Well yes people already say im a talented cook and a footballer and I like all of these things a lot but as I get older I will see my real strenghths and weaknesses. And I will decide  from there but I don’t to do all of the above.

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